Allister Garage Door Openers

The example photos below show how to connect the GarageMate receiver to your Allister garage door opener. For your reference we have also included links to some Allister user manuals.

Even if your exact model isn’t referenced on this page, GarageMate will work as a remote control for most residential Allister garage door openers. You simply connect the GarageMate wires in parallel to your wall switch. GarageMate will work fine even if you reverse the wires. We color code the wires simply for convention but they are electrically equivalent.

There are no reported cases of incompatibility between GarageMate and Allister garage door openers.

In the image below GarageMate’s RED wire connects to terminal 1 and GarageMate’s WHITE wire connects to terminal 2.

Allister remote control

Links to Allister User Manuals

Allister Type 2 user manual

Allister Century 710

Additional wiring examples

Below are some random wiring examples that maybe helpful. Note the photo show the terminals before the wires from GarageMate are connected. Those terminals are designed to hold multiple wires so please leave your existing wires in place so that your existing wall button/console will continue to work just fine. Most garage door openers have similar terminals.

GarageMate is the best selling Android and iPhone remote control App for Allister garage door openers. GarageMate uses Bluetooth®4.0 technology making it more reliable, more secure, and faster than SMS(text message) or Wifi/Internet based remote controls.

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