If you are a new customer the information below is not relevant as it only affects some customers who purchased in 2015. Please go back to the GarageMate4.0 support page.

We suspect this problem is no longer an issue even with Verizon Samsung phones, but we are leaving this page up just in case. In the unlikely event you have trouble pairing, please contact us. info@bluemate.com

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If you are a new customer the information below is not relevant. Please go back to the GarageMate4.0 support page.

Samsung released Android 6.0.1 with a bug that prevents some of their phones from pairing with many Bluetooth4.0 devices manufactured prior to September 2015. Samsung phones may repeatedly alert "Unable to pair. Incorrect PIN or password." even though you are entering the correct PIN. Samsung fixed this issue long ago with an Android OS update, but for some reason some carriers didn't release the patch to every single phone.

But by changing the GarageMate receiver’s Bluetooth PIN to 123456 we found we can work around this Samsung bug. This doesn’t reduce security since you have to first hold the GarageMate receiver’s push button for several seconds to make it ready-to-pair.

For security reasons, the GarageMate receiver’s Bluetooth PIN can not be changed remotely. So customers that can not pair their older Bluetooth receiver to their Samsung S7, S5, etc. have the following options:

The first option is to just wait for your carrier to release the fix. But we don’t think it is fair for you to wait which is why we have the additional options below.

Options for the GarageMate white model:

If you have the white model of the GarageMate receiver we’ll immediately mail you a replacement Bluetooth module at no charge. You will just slip out the old Bluetooth module out of the GarageMate receiver and replace it with the new module. The plastic case of the GarageMate receiver is easy to open. We’ll even include a self-addressed stamped envelope for your old module. It is easy, fast, free, and always solves this problem.

Options for the GarageMate black model:

1) If you have the black version of the receiver, then you can mail it to us. We’ll update it for free and mail it back to you at our expense.

2) If you have the black version of the receiver and prefer to upgrade to the newer white model we’ll let you purchase the new version at well below our cost. $25 including shipping. The latest model has a traditional push button instead of the gold pin based switch, but more importantly, the Bluetooth module is easily replaced as described in the white model section above.

Please send us an e-mail and we'll provide shipping or payment instructions: info@bluemate.com

Google HQ and Apple HQ have GarageMate as a test device and Bluetooth 4.0 is very mature now. We don’t expect a problem like this to ever happen again. But mistakes happen and when they do the GarageMate team won’t simply pass the blame.

The GarageMate team is willing to take responsibility and help with any issue even when it is caused by another company like Samsung. We believe in providing you with the best support and we always appreciate a simple 5-star review in return. A 5-star review allows us to attract new customers which lets us afford long warranty periods for our existing customers.

Thanks for understanding and for being our customer.

The GarageMate Support Team

Questions? e-mail info@bluemate.com

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