GarageMax FAQ

Q: What is the difference between GarageMax and previous versions of the garage door remote control App ?

A: There is no difference. The brand name has just changed over the years. GarageMax is our current name but there are no functional changes to the software and the hardware is the same. This name change shouldn't affect things in any way but keep it in mind when re-installing our App.

Q: Is GarageMax compatible with your garage door opener?

A: GarageMax is compatible with any garage door opener that has a typical wall switch/console. Even very old Class 2 24-27 VAC models are supported. If you want to be sure, take the two wires that go to your wall swicth and momentarily touch the wires together. If touching them together opens/closes your door then you have a standard wall switch.

Note newer Liftmasters/Chamberlains that have a yellow learn button will only work with Chamberlain accessories. See our Liftmaster/Chamberlain compatibilty page for more information.

Note, we do not support commercial garage door openers that have separate open/close/stop buttons.

Please visit our Compatibility Page for more information.

Q: How do I setup and install GarageMax?

A: Just pair with your mobile device and wire the receiver to your garage opener. Illustrated instructions are included with GarageMax and can also be found on the Support page.

Q: How do I factory reset the GarageMax receiver ?

A: Note, it is rare that you would need to factory reset the receiver. The steps appear below but also note factory reset instructions are on the About Page of the GarageMax App.

Do not perform these step while on a ladder. Use an extension cord or completely disconnect the receiver.

1) Unplug the GarageMax receiver's power supply.
2) While it is unplugged, hold the receiver's blue button (discharges remaining energy stored in the power adapter).
3) Keep holding the blue button while you plug the receiver's power supply back into an outlet. Keep holding the blue button.
4) Continue to hold the blue button for 12 seconds (10 to 14 seconds is OK) and then release the button. You MUST release the button after ~12 seconds, or this process will timeout.
5) Once you stop holding the blue button, the LED will blink 3 times in 1 second. It will then blink once every one second indicating it is ready-to-pair. You can then pair all your phones and plug then receiver back into the ceiling outlet.

Be sure to unpair the receiver from your Bluetooth settings before trying to pair again.

Q: What prevents others from opening my garage?

A: GarageMax now uses Bluetooth4.0® offering the best wireless security in the industry. Bluetooth4.0® is much safer than WiFi since it is impossible for someone to open your garage directly over the Internet (see Internet discussion below).

To discuss this issue further, let's say someone installs the GarageMax App. Let's say they also looked over your shoulder and know your GarageMax Receiver's PIN code. Let's say they EVEN have a copy of all our source code... then they STILL have to be inside your garage to perform initial pairing of their phone to the receiver. It can't be done from the outside.

Lastly, if a determined guest did enter your garage and paired to your GarageMax Receiver then your GarageMax App will inform you that this happened. You can always delete and track unwanted guests. The same can't be said for a traditional garage remote control.

Q: Which model iPhones, iPads, and iPods can I use to open my garage with GarageMax?

A: We support any Apple device with iOS 8 or later and Bluetooth4.0®. This includes the iPhone4s or later, the iPod Touch fifth generation or later, the iPad 3rd generation or later, iPad Mins, iPad Air, etc.

Q: What Androids are supported?

A: GarageMax has no known compatibility issues at this time with any Android running Android OS 5.0 or later.

Q: Does GarageMax support Apple Watch ?

A: Yes, It is a stand-alone Apple Watch App so you don't need to have your iPhone to use GarageMax.

Q: Can I use Siri or NFC tags to open my garage door?

A: Yes you can open or close your garage by voice or with NFC. Just enable the "Auto-click when App starts" feature. Then launch GarageMax using Siri or a NFC tasker.

Q: The Android version of GarageMax has a 'Fast Connect Mode' feature. Should I enable it?

A: We recommend to keep Fast Connect Mode turned OFF. We have found it does not improve performance since most connections happen in less than 1 second. It is only there for backwards compatibility and we will be removing it in a future release.

Q: What is the benefit of using GarageMax instead of a traditional remotes?

A: GarageMax enhances security allowing you to password protect the GarageMax App. Also Bluetooth4.0® is the industry's most secure wireless protocol and uses advanced security features available on most phones making GarageMax very very secure.

Many home intrusions occur because the owner forgets a garage door remote control inside their car where it is easily accessible to thieves. You might not even notice your remote is missing.

There is also a cost savings. One GarageMax receiver can support up to 8 smartphones at the price point of one traditional remote control. Additionally there is no need to ever buy and replace expensive batteries.

Finally GarageMax has some advanced features like Guest Permissions. If a determined guest did enter your garage and pair the GarageMax Receiver, then your GarageMax App will tell you (just click the info link under the Garage Button). You can always delete and track unwanted guests. The same can't be said for a traditional garage remote control.

Q: Can I use my Windows Phone or Blackberry to open my garage?

A: We do not currently offer an app for Windows Phone or Blackberry.

Q: Will my pre-existing garage door remotes continue to work?

A: Yes, all your existing remotes and wall switches will continue to work normally.

Q: Will my wall switch/control box and key pads continue to work?

A: Yes, all your existing wall switch and hardware will continue to work normally.

Q: What is the range of GarageMax?

A: Under most circumstances the range is over 50ft.

Q: Will the GarageMax App drain my smartphone's battery?

A: No, GarageMax uses the Low Energy (BLE) protocol of Bluetooth4.0®.

Q: Can I use the GarageMax App to open my garage over the Internet?

No, we are considering this enhancement but will only release it if we are certain it does not introduce a security vulnerability.

Q: Is my data private?

A: Yes your data is your confidential, personal property. The latest version of GarageMax does not have Internet or WiFi Permissions. There is no way for anyone, including us, to access any of your data remotely.

Q: Are there any subscription or monthly fees?

A: No, there are no subsciption fees.

Q: Can I use Siri or NFC tags to open my garage door?

A: Yes you can open or close your garage by voice or with NFC. Just enable the "Auto-click when App starts" feature. Then launch GarageMax using Siri or a NFC tasker.

Q: Do I have to pay for the GarageMax App?

A: No, the latest version of the GarageMax App is free, updates are also provided for free.

Q: I have more than one garage. Can I use the same GarageMax App to control all my garages?

A: Yes you can control all of your garages from the same GarageMax App, you will need an additional GarageMax Receiver for each garage.

Q: Will GarageMax interfere with my Bluetooth® headset, phone calls, speakers, or other Bluetooth® devices?

A: No interference will ever occur. Bluetooth4.0® was made for this purpose. It supports simultaneous communication with multiple devices.

Q: Can I disable GarageMax when I go on vacation?

A: Yes. Under the security menu choose "Enable vacation mode". You will also need to set the vacation mode switch on your wall switch if it has one.

Q: How many Androids, iPhones, and Apple Watches can you pair to the GarageMax Receiver?

A: Eight total devices can be paired to one GarageMax Receiver. You can always delete old phones to make room for new ones.

Q: Will GarageMax void my garage door opener's warranty?

A: GarageMax will not void your warranty. All manufacturers allow and support installation of a generic wall switch (like a door bell). The GarageMax Receiver operates just like a simple switch. It does not source current or apply a voltage.

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